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The idea of creation of the collective, capable to represent culture of the region beyond its limits, belongs to the Governor of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin. Alexander Aleksandrovich shows constant interest to formation and creative development of collective.

And today the Astrakhan state ensemble of a song and dance – one of leading professional creative collectives of the South of Russia, it on - to the right is considered the region card. The main objective the ensemble sees preservation and revival of song and dancing and musical traditions of the people living in the territory of the region.

It was a concept basis at creation of creative collective for the art director of ensemble Alexander Lavrinenko. Thanks to high insistence, ability to carry away, interest it was succeeded to create collective capable to solve highly artistic problems.

The understanding of need of vigorous concert and tour activity also promoted during so short period to significant increase in professional skill and creation of a number of versatile programs.

Creative activity of ensemble which goes from heart to heart, attaches to richness of multinational culture, causes in residents of Astrakhan of a pride and love to the small homeland, causes interest and public admiration outside the Astrakhan region, as in Russia, and abroad.

Each performance performed by the Astrakhan ensemble of a song and dance turns singing into mini - performance. The song is accompanied by movement, dance as though is born from a song. Connection of two genres helps creative development of actors of chorus, thanks to this feature the show turns out dynamic and expressive.

In repertoire of chorus songs in languages of the people living in the Astrakhan edge which are executed as in a traditional manner sound, and are enriched at the expense of modern arrangements that attracts big complexity of harmonization of themes and gives beauty and a variety.

The multinational repertoire, richness of images, bright emotional palette give an originality to chorus of the Astrakhan ensemble. The exact intoning, fine soft sound, uniform manner of performance as well as possible characterize advantages of vocal and ensemble singing of chorus, especially female group. In it a considerable merit of the chorus master of Marina Zavodova which works with actors from the date of the collective basis.

Soloists of chorus introduce additional paints in concert programs and open new sides of vocal performance.

Chorus of governor's ensemble – the unique community of actors, each of which participates in creation of beauty and harmony of uniform sounding.

Аny city holiday doesn't do without performances of the Astrakhan state ensemble of a song and dance, the atmosphere of a cheerful festivity is created by various dancing numbers.

The repertoire of choreographic group includes dances of the people of Russia: Tatar and Kalmyk dances, flashing dance tunes and razukhabisty quadrilles, fervent Poles and lyrical round dances. All the best that was saved up in a genre of national dance creatively is reinterpreted by choreographer Alexey Zimin. Creativity of the chief ballet master can be characterized two words: refinement and simplicity when each element gets a laconic and perfect form by continuous hours-long rehearsals.

From the moment of the ensemble basis the number of dancing couples considerably increased. Daily the collective sets for itself new tasks in development of the most difficult technical elements and tricks. Each rehearsal – an ensemble victory in sharpening of skill and acquisition of new shades which enrich dance by various kolenets, the rotations, interesting supports.

When forming and repertoire selection for solo numbers the special attention is paid to new reading of the ancient songs which arrangements allow to experience past melodies in a new way. Thus, at the time of performance musicians have a possibility of creative improvisation.

A lot of work in this direction is carried out by the head of an orchestra Elena Mordvinova.

Ten concert programs have been created for an ensemble of five years: «Ah, winter!», «Best for women», «Victory Day!», «I fly over Russia» (in memory of Gregory Ponomarenko), «Queen of Russian song» (in memory of Lyudmila Zykina), «Astrakhan multinational», «Russian empire», «Parade of soloists», «Not for nothing Russia remembers all» (on the bicentenary of the Borodino battle).

Tours – the integral part of activity of the Astrakhan state ensemble of a song and dance which began for the second year of existence of collective and develops promptly and on the accruing. New cities, new regions, new directions.

The collective with success speaks at festivals – the International festival "Days of the Russian culture "The Russian spring – 2009" where the ensemble represented Russia in Greece, the XXX International festival of folklore music of the European broadcasting union (Germany, Cologne), the Festival of masters of the arts of the Southern federal district "World of the Caucasus" (Volgograd, Nazran, Rostov-on-Don), the V International festival of folk song and dancing art "Dance and sing young Russia! " (Moscow).

Within expansion of cultural cooperation with the Caspian states the Ensemble acted in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. The collective with success goes on tour on the cities of the Volga region (Ulyanovsk, Volga, Kazan, Novoulyanovsk, Nizhnekamsk). Concert programs of ensemble were clapped by experienced public of Krasnodar Krai (Armavir, Anapa, Krasnodar) and the cities of a midland of Russia (Belgorod, Kursk, the Eagle, Bryansk, Stary Oskol, Tambov, etc.), Ukraine (Exactly) and the South of Russia.

The geography of tours of ensemble is extraordinary wide. The collective is in blossoming of a creative power and mastery.

Ahead the new interesting tours realizing interregional and international cooperation in the field of culture and art.

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